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We Provide PMO Implementation Assistance and On-demand Support Services

MyVPMO is complemented by an industry-leading service and support network of skilled and on-demand project managers called Virtual Project Managers (VPM’s). Using VPM services, organizations gain access to a group of industry knowledgeable project managers who help to derive maximum value from their MyVPMO solution. VPM’s are assigned at the beginning of an engagement, and become on-demand project management support agents who assist in all aspects of solution implementation and deployment. VPM’s are accessed on a remote basis, and are deployed quickly and efficiently when needed. The VPM project management network is your conduit into cost effective and on-demand project management expertise right out of the cloud.

The following services are provided to enable Portfolio Management Offices:

  1. PM Maturity assessments - understand your organizations' project management capabilities, and develop a strategy to deliver better projects outcomes
  2. Portfolio and Project Management program design and delivery – develop a winning design for a portfolio and project management solution
  3. MyVPMO Implementation - assist in all aspects of MyVPMO solution implementation and on-going support
  4. PMO2™ and MyVPMO training and mentoring – develop and deliver training/mentoring for the project team members, project managers, PMO and Executives
  5. Project management services – deliver expert project management services

VPM's provide insight and advice tuned to the various levels and requirements of an organization. The diagram below depicts some of the ways VPM's can provide assistance.

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