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Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are looking for better results from their initiatives and project investments. Many have considered or are using project management tools and may have even deployed a project management office (PMO) to improve project oversight, governance and reporting. As an organizational leader, you are also responsible for executing your business strategy as well as creating market leading differentiators for your organization.

In order for project management tools and PMO’s to be successful, they must address the requirements of business executives as well as the rest of the organization responsible for delivering initiatives and projects.

We believe in order to achieve significant success, organizations need to be able to do 3 things well; manage projects and initiatives better; effectively deliver on strategic promises; and out-innovate their competition. We refer to these areas collectively as the Enterprise Value Zone.

Enterprise Value Zone

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) – a tracking, reporting and execution process for projects and initiatives.
  • Strategy Execution – tracking and managing how well an organization is executing and achieving its business strategy.
  • Innovation Management – a process to collect, rank, score ideas and applying them to address organizational strategy and goals.

Each area in the Enterprise Value Zone is a building block to developing traction against organizational goals and achieving results from strategic investments. The most fundamental capability is Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

PPM allows organizations to monitor project activities and ensure timely results. Effectively deployed PPM processes and tools can also reduce project risks, cut costs, reduce costly project errors and improve success rates and uptake of completed solutions.

Strategy execution requires a direct connection between organizational promises and commitments and the projects and initiatives identified to delivering results and business benefits. Drawing upon the information collected about projects and initiatives, organizations can apply these insights to tracking, reporting and ensuring the timely execution of a strategic plan.

Finally, with PPM and Strategy Execution enabled, organizations can begin to drive innovation into their products and services. Having a formal innovation process allows organizations to develop best-in-class ideas that out-innovate their competition and contribute to long-term success.

Enabling the Enterprise Value Zone

BMB Data has developed a solution called MyVPMOMy Virtual Project Management Office. MyVPMO helps you execute projects better, monitor and report on the progress of initiatives and foster innovation to achieve fast results and value for your organization.

MyVPMO enables Project Portfolio ManagementStrategy Execution and Innovation Management within a complete cloud-based solution your entire organization will want to use. 

MyVPMO Solution Features:

  • A cloud-based platform built on the award winning Innotas PPM solution;
  • An integrated management decision framework (PMO2™) pre-configured with governance, delivery and enablement processes;
  • A predicitve scorecard that can be used to predict/measure the value of the organizations initiaitves;
  • A suite of built-in reports and dashboards optimized for management analysis and decision making;
  • A top-down solution setup for rapid implementation (days to weeks, not months to years); and,
  • On-demand project management services and support assistance.                                                                       

                                                              (Scroll over images for a larger view)

Project Portfolio Management

The Project Scope report provides a snapshot of project scope priority (High, Med, Low) and the number of Issues, Risks and Change Requests. 

Strategy Execution

 The Portfolio Health check report provides a snapshot of health for an entire portfolio of projects. It shows each projects overall health (coded - Red, Yellow, Green) as well as health by schedule, scope, cost and risk.

Innovation Management

The Innovation Business Value report shows the number of new innovation ideas by level of business impact value venue).

The Project Financials report shows the original and revised budgets as well as actual costs and variances (against budget) for projects by stage.

For information on Project 
Portfolio Management, click here.

The Portfolio Scheduling report provides a snapshot of each projects start and end date as well as its duration.

For information on Strategy 
Execution, click here.

The Balanced Scorecard report shows the number of new business innovations by balanaced scorecard category.

For information on Innovation
Management, click here.


PMO Framework: MyVPMO is built around an integrated PMO framework called PMO2™ (Portfolio Management - Opportunities to Outcomes).  The PMO2™ framework contains a set of business processes which define all of the governance rules, delivery approaches and enablement activities that are needed to support a Project Management function within any organization.  The complexity of implementing MyVPMO is significantly reduced by leveraging the pre-configured business processes contained in the PMO2™ framework. Please click here for a more detailed look at the PMO2™ framework.

MyVPMO Solution Overview: MyVPMO is a solution designed to support project portfolio management (PPM), enable strategy execution and foster innovation. It is comprised of: the industry-leading cloud PPM software product from Innotas; our PMO2™ management decision framework; and our implementation and on-demand project management support services. MyVPMO delivers critical management visibility, governance, project controls and benefits realization, all seamlessly integrated into a single tool. Our “Rapid Time to Value” implementation approach means that the solution can be delivered in a matter of days/weeks, not months/years.

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