Rapid Time to Value

The MyVPMO solution can be used out of the box to provide value in a matter of days.

MyVPMO can be implemented in a rapid time frame because we provide a complete solution environment rather than just a software tool.

The core component of our MyVPMO solution is a leading edge, cloud-based software product from Innotas (Gartner #1 rated cloud PPM tool - 3 years in a row!). MyVPMO has been preconfigured to allow top-down data capture and it provides a set of reports and dashboards that can be used right away to provide visibility to your project data.

Additionally, we provide a PMO framework that can be used to get traction very quickly. Unlike many software purchases that require substantial upfront effort to configure the tool, the MyVPMO solution can be used out of the box to provide value in a matter of days.

Our "Rapid Time to Value" approach guarantees that the implementation and deployment of our MyVPMO solution is based on value delivered and not value promised.

Rapid time to value roadmap delivers the solution in days to weeks.

Key features of the MyVPMO Solution Roadmap include:

  • Free Trial with a "starter kit" of sample projects, reports & dashboards
  • Hands-on access to the trial environment to get a feel for the solution
  • Ability to run and publish the trial reports so you can "show the boss" what's possible
  • Rapid setup of the production solution once you have made the decision to proceed
  • Project import and data load processes that can be used to capture your data quickly
  • Dozens of pre-built reports and dashboards that can be used to see your data
  • Suite of process maps, templates and RACI diagrams that can be used to define and document your specific environment
  • Implementation and support services from our team of virtual project managers (VPM's)

MyVPMO Solution Overview: MyVPMO is a solution designed to support project portfolio management (PPM), enable strategy execution and foster innovation. It is comprised of: the industry-leading cloud PPM software product from Innotas; our PMO2™ management decision framework; and our implementation and on-demand project management support services. MyVPMO delivers critical management visibility, governance, project controls and benefits realization, all seamlessly integrated into a single tool. Our “Rapid Time to Value” implementation approach means that the solution can be delivered in a matter of days/weeks, not months/years.

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