Innovation Management

MyVPMO is an out of the box PMO solution for Innovation Management that enables better traction of your ideas, initiatives and projects to drive rapid time to value for your organization.

Innovation is a key part of a business strategy that many organizations simply do not have on their radar screen. To be great at innovation, you have to do more than generate ideas, you also need to develop them into winning solutions and outcomes.

Are you satisfied with your innovation results?

MyVPMO (My Virtual Project Management Office) is a solution that you can use to establish a complete Innovation Management capability within your organization. 

MyVPMO - Innovation Management features: 

  • An idea generation pipeline process to request, select and approve the best innovation ideas
  • A built-in management framework to assist in the evaluation and processing of ideas into projects
  • Innovation health check reporting and real-time initiative monitoring
  • Advanced reporting and intuitive management dashboards to track innovation costs and value

MyVPMO Innovation Management helps organizations to channel their ideas into a realization process that will allow them to succeed.  With improved traction, your innovation activities will drive value for the organization.

                                                             (Scroll over images for a larger view)

The Balanced Scorecard report shows the number of new business innovations by balanaced scorecard category.

The Innovation Business Value report shows the number of new innovation ideas by level of business impact value (revenue).The Innovation Health report shows new innovations ideas by stage and overall health (Coded - Red, Yellow, Green) and health by schedule, scope, cost and risks).

The Innovation Cost report shows the number of new innovation ideas by potential cost (revenue).

What is your innovation process?

Similar to gold mining, you need the right tools and processes to mine for nuggets of innovation. MyVPMO is a solution that you can use to establish an Innovation Mining solution for your organization. MyVPMO provides an integrated management framework that has a five stage process for transforming ideas into business value.

Please click to see a presentation of our Innovation Mining approach.

PMO Framework: MyVPMO is built around an integrated PMO framework called PMO2™ (Portfolio Management - Opportunities to Outcomes).  The PMO2™ framework contains a set of business processes which define all of the governance rules, delivery approaches and enablement activities that are needed to support a Project Management function within any organization.  The complexity of implementing MyVPMO is significantly reduced by leveraging the pre-configured business processes contained in the PMO2™ framework. Please click here for a more detailed look at the PMO2™ framework.

MyVPMO Solution Overview: MyVPMO is a solution designed to support project portfolio management (PPM), enable strategy execution and foster innovation. It is comprised of: the industry-leading cloud PPM software product from Innotas; our PMO2™ management decision framework; and our implementation and on-demand project management support services. MyVPMO delivers critical management visibility, governance, project controls and benefits realization, all seamlessly integrated into a single tool. Our “Rapid Time to Value” implementation approach means that the solution can be delivered in a matter of days/weeks, not months/years.

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